Ode To The Forest Wind, Kids Room Decor

de To The Forest Wind is a project of mini fairytale wall art specially made for a lovely mother, Zaara Paige from USA as a gift to her cute daughter. It contains my 5 children fairytale to inspire connectedness and unity for discovering our truth and live wholeheartedly. There are The Dancing Wampa & The codex of wisdom, Peacefull Hymne of The Red Harpist,The Forest Child & The Doors of Lullaby ,Pizzicatto Tone of Wooden Prince, and The Dancing Wamma & The TickTock Rhytm. These are also a cross project of Noi Siamo Uno.

  • Client: Zaara Paige, USA
  • Service Rendered : Kids Room Decorating Painting
  • Filed Under : Interior Accessories