Anonymous Day

Incredible strength rests on unspeakable fragility.

75 x 130 cm. Acrylic & Watercolor on Canvas.

Ienjoy doing this painting commissions very much. When traveling to meet a client is not an option, a good detailed description of the client’s wishes also work very well. I find it very helpful to know what color palette appeals to them and which of my existing pieces they are drawn to. Mrs. Li Xue Hua from Hongkong emailed me the detail of what she want and send me a photo of her wall. I proposed to her my “Anonymous Day” painting who describe about the beautiful things and its fragility, and her answer surprised me. She love it.

Made from tiny dots of a mixture of acrylic and watercolor paint, “Anonymous Day” painting talked about the fragility of things in this world. Nothing is as perfect as we can imagine it like stones crumbles, wood rots and people die. But on every unspeakable fragility that would be encountered, there is incredible strength rests on it.

  • Client : Mrs. Li Xue Hua, Hong Kong.
  • Service Rendered : Decoration Painting
  • Filed Under : Interior Accessories