dechapoe a.k.a Icha dechapoe is an Indonesian artist and illustrator based in Surabaya city, a creative director at Webjacker, a pianist and a private piano teacher at Musikancil. Dechapoe possesses a proficiency, or even an expertise in art, music and informatics. She is owner of Webjacker Studio & Musikancil Course.

As a self-taught visual artist and illustrator Dechapoe creates artworks by weaving together the uniqueness of personal background complexity, a complex self histories, the symbols, the sign, the observance, the subconscious mind, the philosophy, contemplation and self-reflection to celebrate the beauty of entire universe within her object which is invisible to the naked eye, express the unseen forces within the thoughts, memories, feeling, emotion, the infinite whimsicality and different mirth to form her object’s mythology, poetry, melody and life.She draws her imagination which is inspired by music, history, real story, folk tale, myth, legend, etc on canvas, paper, wood, or anything possible surface included computerize (digital painting). You may have seen her work on different media as well as on the book covers of world wide novelist.

Since she was a kid, art and music has always been her passions. She learned piano at 5 years old and started to draw her imagination about the music which is played on her piano. She took an International Music Education under Yamaha and ABRSM for piano. In 2001, with love of technology and computerization world, she had initially chosen a more practical path of studying technology informatics and graduated as a bachelor degree of Informatics System in 2005. She had 5 years experienced on programming and computer system analysis. Thereafter, she ended up working the corporate job and started a Web & Brand Identity venture with her husband, Suke Toejoeh in 2010 until now. With knowledge of programming (PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML) and designing (art, graphic and illustration), she combines all skills into one field, a website. She also started being a freelance illustrator, open illustration commissions and creating fine art since 2009 until now.

Nowadays, she works at her studio on Surabaya and fulfills her art and music passions by creating piano arrangement, writing poets or lyrics or stories for her paintings. And at the same time, she develops Webjacker Studio for web design and web development service and do some illustration commission for a novelist, story book author or else on weekday, then teaching a private course for children on weekend.


Soerabaja Guest House (Surabaya), Horison Hotel
(Samarinda), PT. Christju Pte.Ltd (Jakarta)


Diggle Dee Doo Production, Elizabeth Witherz, Keith Daniel,
Anna Margareth, John Fortune, Deborah Sanderson, Catherine
Paisley, Thomas Berg, etc.


Cheri Kids Education, Bloggers & Creativepreneur Needs

Kopi Keliling Youtube Channel

Artist Interview of Kopi Keliling #8, August 2015.

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Artist Profile of Kopi Keliling #8, August 2015.

Grand Story Magazine

Orchid #2 January Issue, 2015.

Jayabaya Magazine

Woman Section Ed. September 12th-19th, 2014.

Jawa Post Newspaper

Jawa Pos For Her Ed. August 20, 2014.

Kaltim Post Newspaper

Samarinda Woman Artist Ed. June 5th, 2014.

IDEA Interior Magazine

Ed. September 2013. Page 65 & 68.
Cooperated with Rukuruku Interior Art Programmer.

YEAR 2015

Kopi Keliling Vol.08 Group Show at DGallerie Cafe Jakarta
Gerobak Art Community Group Show at Surabaya Museum
Indonesian Woman Art Association Group Show at Balai Pemuda Surabaya

YEAR 2014

Rupa Nada Group Show at Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta

YEAR 2013

Record Saturday Group Show at C2O Library Surabaya
Pride Group Show at Artotel Surabaya
LOS In Love Group Show at My KopiO Grand City Surabaya

YEAR 2012

Fraulein Featured Show at My KopiO Sutos Surabaya
Break The Silence Supported Show at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya
Breast Talk Supported Show at Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya
Sastra Visual Contemporer Group Show at Universitas Indonesia Jakarta
aBRAcadaBRA Group Show at C2O Library Surabaya
What We Love About France Group Show at Institute Francais Indonesia

YEAR 2011

Dream/Obsession Group Show at Gramedia Expo Surabaya
Merah Putih Harimu Group Show at Majapahit Hotel Surabaya
The Way I Dressed Up Group Show at Gramedia Expo Surabaya

YEAR 2010

Fill Up This Box Charity Group Show at Bledog Art Space Bali

YEAR 2009

Spirit Of Freedom Comic Group Show at BraWn Cafe Surabaya

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