Asmat Tribe Woman. The Ow.

For the love of Indonesian cultural heritage, the Asmat Tribe from Papua Land.

29,7 x 42 cm. Acrylic On Hand Cutting Wood & Card board.

Ow, in Asmat language, refers to people who live within unique limitedness and bonded with the nature. Possessing the artistic souls that applied instinctively in carving and fretwork which is casted into woods in order to respect their ancestors.

The Ow painting is a portrait of an Asmat tribe woman who feels so different from another woman in Asmat. The lonely and only one who has free-spirited personality and always speaks about her dream involving a spinning arrow of her fate. She is a young woman with big curiosity of searching the answer of her confusion regarding what her path in life should be. Woman symbolization in this painting also shows how Asmat people are suppose to place women as very precious creatures for them, just as , they praise the universe and determine the words upon black birds and other respected animal.

Papua  Land are far away, and almost never get highlighted by media and public, despite the fact that its distinctiveness is being targeted by international society. Learning about our cultural heritage helps us to establish our own cultural identity, which in its turn offers support and security to our life in a multicultural world.


– dechapoe -

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Exhibited at : MyKopiO Grand City, Surabaya. “LOS In Love” Group Show. Feb 10 – Feb 17 2013.
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