The Musical Insane

The hopes and fears combined without a word.

30 x 30 cm. Mixed Media On Canvas.

To every urgent tone the beating of the heart.
The musical insane runs the andante, making pain.
Sound with the cellos pleading, passionate strain.
The yearning theme, and let the harps reply.

In placid melody, while piano complain
And sob, and sigh
With muted string
With throbbing notes delayed.

Then comes the adagio, with a yielding theme
Through which the piano flow soft as in a dream,
While mild harp are heard
In tender tune, that seems to float
Like an enchanted dream
Upon the downward-gliding stream,
Toward the allegro’s wide, bright sea
Of dancing, glittering, blending tone,
That sweeps, with smiling skies above,
Into the perfect chord.

The hopes and fears combined without a word.


– dechapoe -

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Exhibited at : Majapahit Hotel. "Merah Putih Harimu" Group Show. Sep 17 - 18 Sep 2011.
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