The Extinction

Visualizing trade or natural resources excessive usage
influenced by money game and great profit.

65 x 95 cm. Acrylic On Canvas.

Human, the main actor who exist on the earth as the subject whose life satisfaction and needs are keep increasing and limitless. While the nature, the eternal partner, tend to be considered as the profit source that should be used maximally. The exploiter pride in developing business and increasing the economic factor, supported by the development of science and technology which provide easiness and encourage exploitation of the natural resources, use it as the profit mining beyond the limit of environment ethic, which will affect the life of all creatures and universe.

In another project, involvement of foreign power interest is sometimes resulted in small profit percentage for our country, the profit of processing the natural resources by using the foreign technology. In another case, our people even have to bought it back, consumed our own resources which have been processed in the form of imported goods with higher prices.

The Extinction painting visualizes trade or natural resources excessive usage, like the checkmate position in a chess game, a position with difficult choices, which decision should be made carefully, the policies and strategies is in the black and white of life with the protagonist and antagonist sides. Describing the problem of money game and great profit offered by the foreign power which interest is proportional with our monetary condition and our lack technology to use the natural resources.


– dechapoe -

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Exhibited at : Artotel. "Pride" Group Exhibition. May 03 - May 31 2013.
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