The Escapist Avo Axantha. A Hope In Despair.

There is always hope in despair.

21 x 29,7 cm. Ink & Pencil On Paper.

She treads the way and loses her self into a tale. In silence, in emptiness, in darkness she feels the storm, the wind and the fog with many hidden eyes keep see on her.

“Is this a cave of escapement ? An escape from the abandoned happiness? It’s me. Avo Axantha. I’ll betray you, the dark cave and the lonely sickness. My search will go on without an end. I always afraid and living in fear but I have a freedom to choose and responsibility to persist in my life” She’s talking to her self.

The sun is shining brightly outside but no more light here. She is locked inside the reality’s maze and trapped between the ambiguous case of life and a dream tales of victorious.

“Please come someone makes my heavy heart light. Please come the undone, bring my back to life. I miss lullaby. I am sleepless, not really quite awake. No force. But a hope in despair” Then she whispers.

– dechapoe -

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