Sentient. A Mother Earth.

What we do in life echoes in eternity.

100 x 65 cm. Mixed Media On Canvas.

In this vast world, sees only the things that will provide great profit. Has orientation into something that can be better developed in the scale of modernization values. Forgetting the basic requirements, compassion and affection. The kindness and willingness to serve the world, the wish to pass an exam, certification, ambition, ego of position, recognition, adaptation, technique, scientification, and performance have blinded human eyes voluntary or involuntary. In each human action there is always calculation of profit and loss. Becoming more and more insensitive and neglect the humanity, the social and environment relations.

Robbery, violence, sexual harassment, disaster, flood, forest fire, wild animal that getting closer to the human’s neighborhood are reminder for us, the human that have been going beyond the limit. We will get what we paid for.

This painting illustrates a mother earth with every breath and all the choices that she makes, she is only passing through on her way focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspect of nature, find her strength and believes that soul of the forest and its creature will live on until the end of time even though living in human chaos, destruction and extinction. Like the light in the darkness.


– dechapoe -

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