Rocking Horse & The Lie Lay Land

Dancing in the hopelessness like a rocking horse.

15 x 15 cm. Acrylic On Paper.

In the garden of namelessness,
I’m lying on the flowers of emptiness,
And among the wonderland of fairies,
I’m hatching the words of meaninglessness.

On my journey of hopeless,
I am trying to give shapes of dimensionless,
But ultimately…
Frantically search the meaning of nothingness.

Like a wood sculpture on a rocking horse,
Just sit and wait by no special gate,
And bring the journey of sleepless.

I miss your lie, self….
The one who ever kept me alive
In the land of patientless.

Please be with me now,
Dancing in the hopelessness,
Escaping from dispiritedness,
Killing the sadness.


– dechapoe –

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Exhibited at : "Record Saturday" Group Show. C2O Library Aug 03, 2013.
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