Opera Queen

A story of imaginary pride, the hedonic consumption & the materialistic life.

50 x 75 cm. Acrylic On Wood Panel.

Opera performance, that’s life. And the opera queen is ready to perform, under the sparkling lights, completed with luxuries like an imaginary throne. Her voice fills up the opera space, receiving attentions of each spectator. She, The Brand Queen, is walking with her head up full of material proud, “carrying” brands charmingly from head to toe like a catwalk model, lightly float like a bird flying with its beautiful feathers. In her imagination, she is the queen of the day who unconsciously grows “new thoughts” in every spectator’s mind. The violence thoughts, jealousy, provocations that result in scandals and gossips. She herself is covered with arrogance and superiority that sweetly wrapped with the elegant, beautiful and pleasant sensation.

“Opera Queen” conveys a story of imaginary pride of the hedonic people and the materialistic life of a brand-minded person who is willing to do anything to have famous brand items which is very expensive for the social status she desired.

Wealth, money, power, pride, and the phenomenon glamorous life
have ruled our life, dominated it deep to our conscience 
and blinded our eyes.

– dechapoe –

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Exhibited at : Artotel. "Pride" Group Exhibition. May 03 - May 31 2013.
  • Filed Under : Fine Art, Haute Fashion