Of The Horse & Dream (The Great Humble)

To be the great humble.

29,7 x 42 cm. Acrylic on Hand Cutting Wood.

As an intelligent creature, we capture the universe and  its content as a proof of creation and power of the God Almighty, we have to broaden the horizon in order to seek the true certainty, therefore, one will always be standing tall.

A lesson from the horse is, in order to reach for a dream, we have to obey and abide the God Almighty, and keep fighting faithfully in pursuing those dream, yet being faithful and sincere to  His decision. All the talents and skills that we possess are created to be manifested within honor, not arrogance. We are shaped in such a rigorous life, in order to learn how to reach the equilibrium between the power of mind and action, with the ability to be sincere in God’s decision. The lesson is how to be patient, sincere and humble.

Until there will come a time, when God grants our prayer to become something that we have been dreaming of, hence, we will be ready to perform all the talents and skills for the virtue and well-being of the universe. The point is, simply to be the great humble.


– dechapoe –

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Exhibited at : MyKopiO Grand City, Surabaya. “LOS In Love” Group Show. Feb 10 – Feb 17 2013.
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