Meta.Muse.Phosis. (Self Metamorphosis)

An invitation to glorify the self while staying gently to spreads the love.

35 x 50 x 5 cm. Acrylic on Hand Cutting Card Board Sculpture & Wood.

I n life, God creates transformation that will endlessly convey the long story of the greatest progression, the deeply challenging and amazingly revealing journey of all creatures on earth.  Earth need not merely great people, but those who are down to earth. Seeing with heart, empathetic listening, speaking in silence, act leaving no trace, inhaling responsibilities as breathing, honored the commitments and promises, sincere though destiny is not in favor.

Gender equality does need a long time and onerous process to realize the hope of being a complete human, as an equal partner to man, in the hope to be seen as an object with all of its existence. The urge “to be recognized and respected” in women may only be reached through self-improvement of each woman, a self metamorphosis. The earth creature that has intelligence and generosity balance certainly will make this “universe” to “bow down” on seeing such appropriateness. Nothing is useless for anything done on the basis of obeying the truth. Woman does not need to be overly “outspoken”, because silent is golden. The act will speak and let its traces scented everything passed by.

We are accompanied by faith with its spinning wheel. A better transformation along with great success can only be reached through a perfection of soul & self metamorphosis and a profound self contemplation.  Butterfly exemplifies beauty as peak of the pain that is gracefully accepted, also as the peak of silent and patient acts.


– dechapoe –

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Exhibited at : "aBRAcadaBRA” Group Exhibition, with Gender Equality Theme. C2O Library, Surabaya. Oct 12 – Oct 19, 2012
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