Maipa Deapati, A Folklore of Makassar Indonesia

The History of Maipa Deapati from Gowa Kingdom.

80 x 100 cm. Acrylic On Canvas

Folklore tells about a blessing in education, struggle and loyalty to someone who has beauty, love, kindness and strength. Maipa Deapati, a woman and a wife of the heir to the Kingdom of Gowa Makassar named Datu Museng. Making a piece about folklore and historical painting was not only exciting as it truly stroke a chord in me. I also think in a whole Indonesian mourning their dead in that horrible massacre known as the war, a conflict that would change the face of Indonesia forever. Then come to us, all that new exciting world, adorned with peace, modernism, technology, art and communication, emerged from pain and the daunting feeling of the brevity of life in war.

Nearly everybody knew of somebody that had gone to war to never return. So does Maipa Deapati who taken life-ending decision better than living in colonialism.

– dechapoe –

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Exhibited at : Indonesian Woman Art Association Exhibition. Balai Pemuda Surabaya. 2015 June 8 to 11
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