If Only I Could See

A tale of little girl who’s trying to escape from the bizzare sacred woodland

ColorPencil On Paper

A story about a teacup hat child who is trapped in “sacred tree”, searching for a way out from the darkness, loneliness and emptiness, from the land where all its creatures are living with no will.

Set apart by her past, now she is trying to conquered this bizarre sacred woodland and determined to become a respected part of this strange world and help another creatures get their hope and will back. Like a wise old man said.

“If only I could see what tomorrow will be. If only I could see why me, the only one who found the entrance of sacred land and trapped here. If….if and if…. What, why and how come. And yes, I know we can’t control everything. They said sometimes we just need to relax and have faith that things will work out. But not at this time, we should try the best, be brutally honest with ourselves and fighting for our happiness even it hurts.”

– dechapoe –

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