Hourglass, Charles Perrault Fairy Tales

Tribute to Charles Perrault’s Mother Goose Tales.

55 x 75 cm. Mixed Media On Canvas.

The group exhibition themed “What We Love About France” held on Institute Francais Indonesia as supported exhibition to France Independence Day. I chose to blow up the idea about a world wide famous France author in folk art, Charles Perrault who was born more than 300 years ago, in 1628 with his well known Tales of Mother Goose, and brought Charles Perrault Fairy Tales figure immortalized in my painting.

The Hourglass illustrated a time keeper who lives in the tree to saves the moral and protects the immortal wisdom of Charles Perrault fairy tales for learning deeper meanings of stories, events and powers of the inner life. The hourglass itself provides a glimpse of life in the simplest of terms. By watching the sand flow effortlessly from top to bottom, one can visually experience the 3 truths of time. Past, present, and future can be viewed simultaneously. The past disappears as the future becomes full of sand. The future fills up just as quick as the past is forgotten. When negative issues from the past are let go, the future becomes full and bright. Living for now to create a successful future will help us, make better choices as we present ourselves.


– dechapoe –

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Exhibited at : Institut Français Indonesia. "What We Love About French" Group Show. 2012.
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