Greenish Red Haired The Magical Chronicler

A fantasy character in Dechapoe’s fairytale
who made with love by acrylic and watercolor paint of Dechapoe.

14.8 x 21 cm. Acrylic & Watercolor On Paper.

Once upon a time, with her glow-in-the-dark hair and a green hat, a greenish red haired the magical chronicler girl whom some fairies go for advice, knows some tricks for avoiding bad luck: toss salt over your left shoulder and avoid black cats. She even knows how to spark a massive argument about a spontaneous equilibrium systems in their monochromatic world with an anthropomorphic creature where it appears and disappears at will, and prompt him to remark that he has often seen the silver key walked without its guardian but never its guardian without the silver key. Then he will discuss semantic about the secret with her. About the fairies in monochromatic world, the
silver key and the battles of grizzly whirlwind and the frozen tuner.

“If believing a superstition makes you miserable, how can that be good luck?” She asked to them.

“Long short story, and how do I stay true to myself and find a way to belong at the same time?” Then she smiled at them.

This magical chronicler is a fantasy character from Dechapoe’s fairytale who has the code of tricks that she lives by in monochromatic world. The only one of chronicler that survive from grizzly whirlwind. This character made with love by acrylic and watercolor paint of me.

– dechapoe -

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