A Future Fashion, Androcrypt Bionic.

Regenerating stress & negative energy into oxygenated blood for human body.

Acrylic & Watercolor On Canvas

Androcrypt Bionic is my conceptual illustration of future fashion about androgyny cyborg fashion. The futuristic fashion ware which is mixing masculine and feminine attributes, yet mixing the power and sensitivity.

Based on my idea and concept, this future fashion built with high technology to create a secret code system that connected between human brain and heart. The bad memories, negative mind, unstable emotional, terrible hallucination, stress and all negative energy will be transformed into the cryptography code and sent through the artificial pulmonary blood vessels as oxygenated blood that useful for human heart. Regenerating the bad things into the good and beneficial things.

This artificial electromechanical body built with hi-tech and high fashion. It will be completed with a biological method and nano technology for creating and manipulating the next nature which is wild and unpredictable as ever. A feature of human given superhuman powers by electromechanical implants. Blurring the line between people and products.

– dechapoe –

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