Endangered Species Art, Enggang Merista.

Stop Massive Hunting !

80 x 130 cm. Mixed Media On Canvas.

Enggang Merista (The Suffering Hornbill) is my endangered species art and my personal project created for supporting World Wildlife Fund – WWF and the conservation of hornbill in Indonesia and world. Other side, hornbills are admired by the Dayak in Kalimantan, my homeland when I was a kid in Indonesia who have many myths and legends and also inspired various craft products, songs, icons and patterns of clothing, especially as reflected in the images of Kalimantan batik.

This painting visualizes about the critically endangered hornbill species, the massive hunting in the forest, the unspeakable witness and anything happened in this tragedy. Through this endangered species art and my passion for preserving the magic of our planet’s wildlife and for the love of art, earth, and universe, I created an emotional scenarios with multiple plots packed in a painting and transformed it into one magical mystery tour of the forest creatures for saving hornbill from hunting. I considered my story to be a parable and influenced by fairy tales in the surreal world of the forest with a mission to support a moving action to the demand end of the illegal hornbill’s casques trade chain and stop the massive hunting which have triggered a precipitous drop in key wildlife populations of hornbill and appears to be having ecological impacts by affecting the reproductive capacities of trees dependent on animal dispersal of their seeds (deforestation).

– dechapoe -

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Exhibited at : ”Rupa Nada” Group Exhibition. Jogja Gallery, Yogyakarta . My 02 - May 08 2014.
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