Black Hymn. A Monster Lullaby.

The music pulsates through my veins.
And I can’t turn around.

20 x 20 cm. Watercolor On Paper.

When the dark of the night
Seems to win its fight with the light
I am merely in the shadow of the crescent

When the tone of the song
Seems to win its fight and grab its throne
I break free and start to run.

But my heart is a fish heart,
My arms like thin fleshy fins,
My brain like the jungle vines lost in the shadow.

I am taken off guard,
And a monster grabs my wrist suddenly,
He screams at me in a foreign language.

The clock ticking inside of me,
but stronger and louder.

The music pulsates through my veins
and becomes my heartbeat.

This is a black hymn.
I can’t turn around.

A thumpathumpathumpa.

– dechapoe -

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